Company History

Vince Vanni & Associates was founded in Hernando County, Florida in 1999. The purpose behind VV&A was to establish a firm that could offer consulting expertise in public relations and marketing to companies that did not have full-time marketing directors.

Vanni was the Marketing Director of Oak Hill Hospital in Hernando County, 1986-1998. When OHH’s parent company was acquired by another firm, Vanni was forced to either accept a similar position in a neighboring county or create a creative alternative. He had become fond of Hernando County over the years and wished to continue to live in its invigoratingly progressive, yet beautifully quaint atmosphere. Vanni chose the alternative, and began performing part-time public relations and marketing services for smaller companies.

The concept caught on, and Vanni incorporated himself. Years passed and OHH’s parent company was bought back by the previous owner. Vanni began working again for OHH, but this time as a public relations consultant.

VV&A now has a long list of clients in addition to a handful of talented associates with which he works. Although VV&A is single person corporation, Vanni has several subcontracted associates.

Although, VV&A is only eight years old, Vanni has been providing his public relations and marketing services to Hernando County for over 20 years. VV&A caters primarily to the Hernando County market, offering:

  • Community Relations Plans
  • Media relations services
  • Public Relations Services
  • Newsletter Services
  • Marketing Plans
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Advertising Plans and Layouts
  • Volunteer Training

Vanni holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from a small college in New York, has 18 graduate credits toward a degree in Social Work, and around 18 credits toward an MBA.

Prior to moving to Hernando County, Vanni worked as a sales manager and innovator at Grolier Inc., a major publishing company. During his time at Grolier Vanni received multiple awards including national sales leader, and manager of the year. However, these achievements were gained at the expense of his personal life and family. So, Vanni moved to Hernando County, refocused his priorities, repaired relationships, and eventually trailblazed one of the best public relations firms Hernando County has to offer.